Peruse our upcoming trips located on the dropdown menu. Each trip has three general classifications: Category (Trip type), Comfort (Accommodation type) and Activity (Activity level / description). You can find a full description for these classifications below. Use these as a guide in selecting the appropriate trip for you.

Once you have decided on your itinerary, click the “Learn More” button. This will take you to a full breakdown of the trip itinerary and all the essential information you need to know for that trip.

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The description for each category are examples and are meant to be a guide only. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a trip type please ask for further information. Submit your questions through our Contact page.

International or Domestic

Small Group (No more than 15 people but usually around 12)

New Adventures (Not previously offered)

Gastronomy (i.e. Food classes, Market visits, Wine and beer tastings and pairings)

Experiential (i.e. Voluntourism / Ecotourism, Workshops)

Exploratory (i.e. Archeological, Rainforest, Volcano)

Cultural Adventures (i.e. Museums, Castles, City tours on foot or bike)

Scenic (i.e.Beautiful vistas, Scenic drives, Hotair Ballooning)

Wildlife Adventures (i.e. Safari, Scuba, Animal encounters)

Great for Families (i.e. Beach, camping, educational)

Same-Sex Only (Designated for women or men only)

Active Adventures (i.e. Trekking, Cross-country Biking, Hiking, Climbing, Zip-lining, Bungee jump, Parasailing, ATV, Surfing, Skiing, While not always strenuous, these activities are not suited to all travellers.)

Small Ship Cruising (i.e. River cruise, antarctica cruise, sailing adventures)

Private & Custom

Comfort Level

Choose accommodations and amenities that fit your personal style.If you have uncertainty, please ask for further information. Submit your questions through our Contact page.

  • Basic – Natural accommodations. Bath facilities often communal, sometimes rustic.
  • Simple – Rustic, shared bathrooms, basic amenities.
  • Delightful – Comfortable, Small to mid-sized lodges and hotels, Private Residences, typically with private bath.
  • Superior – Boutique Accommodations, Lodges and hotels with some amenities, refined artistry, or extra-special settings.
  • Deluxe – Exclusive or high end lodges, hotels, or safari camps with fine dining options.
  • Luxury – The most indulgent accommodations typically reserved for private trips.

Activity level

Match the trip’s intensity to your ability and motivation. This is only intended as a guide. If you have any doubt about you abilities, please ask for further information. Submit your questions through our Contact page.

Easy – Walking indoors or on modern city streets, snorkeling, biking on flat terrain, horseback riding.

Moderate – Walking especially on uneven terrain or with some elevation increase, biking with minimal elevation increase, Kayaking in Class 1 to 2 rapids, hiking 3-5 miles with no significant elevation climb.

Challenging – Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Diving, Biking on rolling hills or trails, Kayaking or rafting in Class 2 to 3 rapids, Hiking up to 5 miles with moderate elevation climb

Strenuous – Full-day active excursions, Hiking more than 5 miles with significant climbing, Skiing, snowboarding, Whitewater rafting or kayaking

Demanding – Multi-day trekking, Strenuous hiking or other intense activity requiring endurance or strength, may be at high altitude or over rough terrain.

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