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If you’re a Gen Xer who loves to travel, you may wonder if there are any others from our generation who travel. And if you look at travel sites on the internet, you ‘ve probably noticed a trend, it all seems geared for either the Baby Boomer or the Millennials. Generation X is often skipped over. It’s not that we don’t travel, we do. Our travel style is unique from the other generations. That shouldn’t be a surprise, we have always been a bit outside the mainstream.

This trend is the guiding force behind, Gen Xplorations. Our goal is not only to provide bold, cultural and in-depth travel to the Gen X traveler but also to provide a community for Gen Xers who love travel.

Because there are fewer of us and our style is a bit unconventional, connecting with other passionate travelers in our age group can be a challenge. Gen Xplorations solves that through the creation of an online community giving you an exclusive place to get relevant travel information, ask questions, find travel buddies and most of all connect, whether from your mobile device on your daily commute or in a destination across the globe.

Additionally, we curate small group trips for our generation. Our goal is to provide exclusive travel that doesn’t feel like a generic packaged group trip. Every tour delivers an unrivalled mix of highlights, extraordinary experiences, cultural context and dynamic experiences. We will never herd you on and off large buses by the dozens. We limit the size of all trips. In addition to providing the highlights of a destination, we find unique experiences not found elsewhere, such as learning to cook pasta at a local home in Tuscany, Flamenco dance classes in Seville and more. Moreover, we package our tours to provide exceptional value along with incomparable experiences.

Likewise, Gen Xplorations will not put you up in standard chain hotels. We source unique smaller hotels, inns, B&Bs and in some cases private residences. Regardless of accommodation type, we always provide exceptional value. Value, doesn’t always equate to least expensive. It means we strive to provide spaces that exceed your expectations for the price point. That may encompass private rooms at a price you would expect for a shared room, a welcome cocktail party or a cheese plate in your room upon arrival. That little something extra.

A Gen Xplorations Host will accompany you on every trip. You will never be without a Gen Xplorations representative who can troubleshoot any bumps in the road as they happen. Rest assured, there will always be someone to turn to if you encounter an issue.

If you’re not sure small group travel suits you, here are some benefits to consider; insider access, logistical support and camaraderie that you simply won’t find traveling solo. Sure, you may find it a bit more structures but we strive to curtail planned activity to allow individual flexibility.

We have two goals at Gen Xplorations: Provide you with travel experiences that are bold, in-depth and culturally significant and deliver a way to connect with likeminded Gen Xers both online and in person.

We hope you will join us both in the Gen Xplorers online community as well as on an upcoming trip!! To become a member click here, if you are already a member you can link directly to the community here. If you want to jump right into a trip, here is where you want to look.

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