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Why Generation X Should Consider Small Group Travel

As a generation, Gen Xers have never exactly been known as joiners, so small group travel may not be the first kind of travel that comes to mind when you begin planning. However, small group trips may be something worth considering. Here are a few reasons to give it a closer look. Safety We all […]

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Day trips from Mexico City: 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If eliminating UNESCO World Heritage Sites from your “Bucket list” is a priority, make Mexico City your “home base” and plan day-trips to nearby designees. Including Mexico City itself, you can reach nine others in 3-hours or less by car. With 34 UNESCO designations, Mexico ranks at #7 on the Top 10 List. Mexico has […]

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Travel to Questionable Destinations

The safety of a destination is always a crucial factor in deciding whether to travel to a location. And I hate the idea that there are any places we should not travel but the reality is that they do exist. However, that said, I think that many places that are put on the “Do not […]

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Shopping Right Means Packing Light

Packing light is more a function of shopping right than anything else. If you purchase heavy clothes you will never be able to pack light. Let’s face it, thick enormous clothes simply take up more space and ultimately weigh more. It’s time you begin thinking differently about how you shop. You don’t have to give […]

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Why You Should be Purchasing Travel Insurance

It’s easy to be tempted to skip purchasing travel insurance. It’s one of those things that really brings us no joy. But travel insurance can offer peace of mind. There are so many things that could possibly go wrong it is impossible to foresee them all. But if any of those events happen while traveling […]

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